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Uretral Caruncle

Urethral caruncle is a benign disease which is detected during gyneacological examination of menopausal women frequently. While it does not cause any complaint in early stages, it causes partial narrowing on the urinary tract exit when it progresses and grows and may cause bleeding during and/or after the urination and burning sense while urinating (dysuria). It is also called as “urethral hemorrhoid” due to its vascular appearance. The pathology occurred here is loosening of the mucosa, the inner layer of the urethra and prolapsing outward.


Treatment is not necessary within the early stage and if no symptom appears. Applying local estrogen creams onto the vagina and urethra is udeful. When prolapsus increases and/or causes complaints while urinating, treatment is surgical. This mucosa part prolapsed is removed and remaining mucosa is anastomosed with a simple procedure which may even be performed under office conditions under local or spinal anesthesia. It is a daily surgical intervention.