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Testicle & Epididiymis

  • Testicle Tumors..

    Testicular cancer among men between 15-35 years of age is one of the most common cancer types. This creates 1%..

  • Testicle Torsion..

    Torsion of testis is a very important disease of the testicle. In this disease, spermatic cord including veins..

  • Hydrocele Spermatocele..

    Hydrocele is a condition of advanced swelling of the scrotum with excessive fluid accumulation between the mem..

  • Varicocele..

    WHAT IS VARICOCELE? Testicles are located in an organ called scrotum within the body. VARICOCELE is a varicos..

  • Orchitis Epididymitis..

    SYMPTOMS Pain on scrotum; swelling on a single side of the scrotum in general; a heaviness sense on the scr..