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Vasectomy Unmanning

Sperm cells are produced in testicles. Sperms mature in both testicles and go through seminal vesicles and the prostate bhind the urinary bladder via epididymis and canals called vas deference. It mixes with the semen fluid created by seminal vesicles and prostate gland and excreted from the penis via urethra.

The canals called vas deference are removed partially and bilaterally and their ends are ligated in the surgical procedure called vasectomy. Mixing of the sperms with semen fluid is prevented and pregnancy does not occur.


A small cut is opened on scrotums with local anesthesia and both vas deference are found, cut and ligated. No pain or bleeding occurs. It is a fast, easy and cheap procedure. The patient is sent home immediately after the procedure. Heavy activities are not recommended for 1 to 2 days.

No change occurs in the sexual life of the man after vasectomy. Erection, orgasm and ejaculations continue as is.

Although recourse operations may be applied after the vasectomy, achievement rates of them is not 100%. Therefore, couples should think deeply before deciding on vasectomy. It is generally preferred in families who are over 30 years, have a balanced marriage, have 2 or more children and do not want children anymore. A document is signed by the patient before the procedure.


The patient should apply contraception for about 3 months after vasectomy, because sperm may exist in seminal vesicles until 12 weeks. Sexual intercourse without contraception is allowed if sperm is not detected in 2 sperm tests applied.