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PRP and Ozone Treatment



PRP is a technique whereby blood is taken from the patient and the platelet rich portion is separated out and than is introduced to the same patient .


PRP is used increasingly in a variety of settings. Platelet derived  therapies are growing trend across multiple medical and surgical specialities . The main purposes are  improving angiogenesis and wound healing and is used frequently in plastic surgery , dermatology , ortopedics , dentistry , urology and gynecology to  support the basic treatment.

Evidence suggests that platelets play an important role in tissue repair , vascular remodeling and inflamatory and immune responses through secretion of growth factors cytokines and chemokines. These growth factors are implicated in many aspects of natural wound healing and angiogenesis . The end results is tissue regeneration .


PRP treatment is not a stem cell therapy but it activates patient’ own stem cells. It is FDA approved treatment.


There is no known side effects because it is an otolog treatment . It is painless . It is not a surgical procedure. It takes approximately half an hour and it can be done in private office with outpatient conditions. It is recommended that patient should avoid to take antiinflamatory drugs during the first day after the treatment.



Two separate collection tubes are filled with 9 ml of whole blood taken by venipuncture . The samples are centrifuged . The ideal PRP solution will be a golden straw like color. It is 1-2 cc per tube . This solution than is injected through desired area.



UROLOGIC and Urogynecologic PRP procedures:

Erectile dysfunction – penile enhancement – peyronie – premature ejeculation – persistant chronic prostatitis – interstitiel cystitis – stress incontinence – orgasmic difficulties- vaginal dryness.

PRP can be used alone or in combination with ozone in these medical conditions.

Especially in erectile dysfunction PRP alone or Ozonated PRP can be used to support the effectiveness of ESWT    ( ED 1000)

PRP should be done only by qualified doctors. This procedure is an otolog procedure so it can be used for different patients.





Ozone therapy in Urology


Ozone is a pale blue gas that gives the sky its color. An ozone molecule consists of three oxygen atoms bonded together  ( O3) . This molecule gives off an oxigen free radical   ( one of its three oxygens atoms ) as it reverts to the more stable form of oxygen  ( O2). This procces happens in our bodies when white blood cells attack unwanted microbes. The presence of this oxygene free radicals disrupts the cell walls and membranes of microbes. More importantly , it also creates microscopic areas of inflamation, which triggers a healing response within the body. An increase in the production of interferon , tumor necrosis factor and interleukin – 2. Ozone stimulates the production of ATP in the mitochondria which provides additional energy for cellular metabolism and healing. And also increases the amount of oxygen released to the tissues.

Ozone therapy is complementary of the conventional treatment methods . Especially whenever orthodox medicine fails to solve the problem . Ozone treatmen should not be considered as a main treatment of the condition.


Examples for Ozone treatment conditions


Diabetes and related complications

Geriatric conditions

Vasculogenic problems

Chronic fatigue

Chronic influenza infections

Persistant herpes simplex – human papiloma virüs infections

Chronic bowel disorders such as Chron dissease colitis ,proctitis or fistulas

Romatismal conditions such as arthritis or fibromiyalgia

Ottoimmune disorders such as multiple schlerosis and Lupus dissease

Oncologic conditions ( as a supportive effect to main treatment )



Ozone treatment in Urological Practice


Balanitis – chronic prostatitis – stricture of urethra – erectile dysfuntion – prematüre ejeculation – peyronie’s disease – persistent interstitiel cystitis – human papilloma virus – Fournier disease and supportive effect for chemotherapy and Radiotherapy in uro-oncologic conditions

Ozone can be used alone or in combination with PRP



As we mentioned above medical ozone activates the cell metabolisim , regulates antioxidative  systems which increases and modulates the immune system in the body .By supplying oxygen disinfect open wounds and accelerates wound healing . This bactericidal – virucidal and antifungal effects are used frequently  in the treatment of diabetic foot .


When ozone is introduced to the body rapid ( mostly hydrogen peroxide ) and late ( lipid oxydation products ) effects can be seen .


The effects of Ozone treatment

  • Activate the immune system
  • Modulate the immune system
  • Activate inta cellular enzymes and icreases the cellular energy
  • Increases the fluidity of the blood
  • Icreases oxygen transport from erithrocyts to the tissue
  • Wound healing
  • Disinfectant
  • Bactericidal – virucidal and antifungal effect
  • Increases the effect of natural pain releivers so it helps in pain modulation
  • Increases the effect of chemo _ radiotherapy in oncologic patients
  • It slows aging and make the body more vigorous by increasing cellular ATP production.
  • It regulates sleeping conditions by acting like serratonin or melatonin




  1. Major Ozone Autohaemotherapy ( AHT )
  2. Minor Ozone Autohaemotherapy
  3. Rectal – Vaginal – Intra vesical insufflation
  4. Open wound applications with bag
  5. Dentistry applications with ozonated water
  6. Dermatolgical application with ozonated oil
  7. Orthopedic applications : intra articular or intervertebral
  8. Intraprostatic applications
  9. Food disinfection



100-150 ml of blood  is taken from the arm vein of the patient and gassed with proper amount of ozonated oxygen mixture according the illness. And reinfused as a drip infusion . This method is the main immuno modulatory procedure



10 ml blood is taken from the arm vein of the patient and gassed with proper amount ofozonated oxygen mixture and injected it intramuscularly. This application improve the effect of major application.