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Undescended Testicle

It is the case one or both of the eggs (testicle) are not present in the sac after the birth.

Testicle are formed in the abdomen during the development process in the mother’s womb but they move to the sacs which may be relatively considered as an outer body space in a lower temperature compared with the body temperature.

That is colder place compared with the body where the testicle may work better. Also, when the as the ambient temperature lowers, the reason of the moving upward of the testicle is to maintain same function. All these are provided with a complicated and mechanical communication. Sometimes motile and rising and lowing eggs may be considered as the testicle by fault. This distinction need to be done by a urologic with an examination.

Undescended testicle is seen %26-30 of the premature birth and also %2.7-3.2 of the patient born on time. The distention of testicle to the sacs happen in the last 3 months in the mother’s womb that may continue after the birth and in the first birthday the frequency of the undescended testicle lowers to the % 5.4 at the premature and to % 1 at the ones born on time. If it does not descend during that time it must be treated without losing time.


Treatment means usually descending the egg to the sac with operation and detects it in there. Real undescended testicle is not supposed to descend to the sacs after the first year of the baby. % 14 of the children with undescended testicle g-has the same condition at the parents. It is commonly on the right side (%60and it may be%20 bilateral

If the undescended testicle is not treated on time, it may cause serious issues such as infertility, testicle cancer and testicle distortion. Also, hernia is commonly seen with undescended testicle. Hernia is treated during the same operation. To be able to provide this, hormonal and / or surgical treatments are applied as a result of the assessment made by the physicians’ expertise in this subject. The researches that have been made show that, the damage made by the temperature in the womb during the first 2 years, is acceptable and reversible. However, waiting until two years old for the surgery is useful to determine the commonly seen other anomalies and other diseases but also for planning the treatment but it should be performed by the experts under control accompanied by the polyclinic controls.

While planning the treatment, the age, settlement of the testicle, being unilateral or bilateral not distention, motility, having hernia together are considered and if required 1 cure of hormone treatment chance is given to the child before the surgery. Hormonal treatment does not include any complication provided that it is made in dose and properly there may be hair around the area and there may be augmentation in the size of penis and sac. These are being not important issues also temporary.