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Priapissim (spontaneously painful hardening of the penis)

PRIAPISIM (spontaneously painful hardening of the penis)

Long-term hardening of the penis without sexual desire or can be defined as a state prevent the loss of hardness even after orgasm.

It needs to have an erection longer than 6 hours for the separation from prolonged hardening (erection).

There are two forms. One of them is high pressure and the other is low-pressure type. High-pressure type (= arterial = painless non-ischemic type) is rare.

The patient feels much pain. It can occur at any age and it is seen the most frequently between the ages of 5 and 10 and also between the ages of 20 and 50.

The cause is usually the “sickle-cell anemia,” which is a blood disease, or some malignant diseases in young people.

Among elderly patients, cause is often “idiopathic” (which is of unknown cause can not be found).

In a special case, it may develop as a complication of injection into the penis and synthetic drugs which hardening (like papaverine) eliminating the problem of hardening or used to research the problem

Other than that, this situation may also occur after the use of drugs “After the genital area trauma” or “in antidepressant and some antipsychotic”.

It suddenly occurs and it is painful. Urine is held or it drops. the hardness continues after the empty semen. Hardening takes 1-2 days, sometimes for months.


Within the first 12 hours destruction begins in “cavernöz corpuscles” of erectile bodies, after 48 hours even if the penis is softened and returns to normal, in the end, impotence (impotence) occurs.

Therefore, it needs emergency response in the first 12 hours.

In treatment clotted blood is drained through the injector. Inside the cavernous bodies are washed with serum. If not enough; drugs which overcome clotting are given into the penis. Spinal anesthesia may be tried. However, if still not enough; inside of the cavernous bodies drains with some specialist surgical techniques.

* The above-mentioned is the type of low-pressure and frequently encountered. In high pressure type, tissue oxygenation doesn’t impair and there is no pain. The main reason is usually blunt perineal or genital trauma. There may be erections lasting for years. There is no pain in general because the lack of tissue ischemia and after no impotence develops. Treatment can be performed vascular surgery methods.