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Inguinal Hernia Hydrocele

Inguinal hernia does not occur by pressure as at adults. The babies extend from a glow finger kind of bulge from the membrane covering the abdomen while getting developed (process vaginitis). If this opening stays open even after the birth, it causes swelling in the testicle area. It is more stretched at men. If the relation between these residues with the abdomen is stretch, the abdominals liquid gets lower slowly and form a swelling full of liquid. This condition causes some diseases such as hydrocele and cordon cyst. If the relation of the related residue with the abdomen is large, or if the narrow passage gets larger in tine, intestines in the abdomen enter into this sac and causes inguinal hernia. As the reason of the inguinal hernia at children is a residue, there is no chance of getting healed on its own.

Cordon cyst or hydrocele kind of pure pathologies (if it is not accompanied by hernia) can be closed and cured on its own until 1 year old. If they are not healed, at the end they will turn into the inguinal hernia

The main aim at all of the patients is: detection and removal of the sac formed by the process vaginitis and close its relation with the abdomen. For the inguinal hernia cases, surgery is performed quickly and, it is tried not to let the development of the incarceration as named drowning of the hernia

If your child has a swelling at his testicle; you should apply to a urologic by considering the related diseases. If the Trans illumination (when the sacs become pink under the light) is positive, it is proved that the component is liquid (hydrocele)

If your child has pain and vomiting complaints, and if the swelling in the testicle is hard and does not disappear by pressure, you should see a doctor without losing time. Unfortunately inguinal hernia may cause serious medical issues even when they are initially recognized.