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Diseases Of Penis

PHIMOSIS (tight foreskin of penis)

The end of the foreskin is too narrow. There is an opening up to a pinhead. The inner surface of the skin is attached to the head portion of penis. Skin can not be drawn behind of the head. This happens from birth or develops later after an inflammatory event. If it is too narrow, patient cannot urine. Even if the collection of urine under the skin occurs, foreskin swells like a balloon. Urine flows dropwise. If it is untreated at the end of the penis inflammation, irritation, inflammation develops in the urine, and this will cause wounds in the head. Treatment is circumcision.


PARAPHIMOSIS (escape to backwards of foreskin)

The foreskin cannot come forward again after back draw of the head of the penis. Usually it consists of strictures of the foreskin. The skin pulled back by the child or parents his father with the aim of cleaning, and then the skin swells and reddens and strangles the glans. If it is the early stages of treatment, the skin derives to forward. But if it is too late, there is no choice without circumcision.



The penis is a playful organ protects itself against shocks. Completely break occurs after the cessation because of accidents or deliberates (because of jealousy and revenge). Blood comes from the penis on impacts. Breakage of the penis occurs as a result of bending of the hardened penis suddenly and sharply. Early treatment is important in order to avoid erection problems.


BALANOPOSTİT (inflammation of the penis)

It becomes because of stenosis in children and cleaning problems in adults. It takes the form of the foreskin and / or inflammation of the glans.