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Other Conditions



It is generally seen in menopausal women as a result of decrease on estrogen hormone. The mainline treatment is not surgical like in men. Topical local estrogen creams and enlargement with plugs (dilatation) treatment are applied.



It occurs by obstruction of secretion glands around the urinary tract or adjacent to the vagina. It may cause difficult urination and loss of weight The most frequent observation in paraurethral cysts is direction change of the urine flow.



This condition is sagging of the tube structure of the urethra from the urinary hole to outside. This is caused by weak structure of the wall.



It is seen in newborns in general, however it may appear in adults as well. They are benign tumors.



A pocket formation within the urethra. When urine is left within this pocket in women, it causes repetitive cystitis. It should be removed surgically in this case.